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Welcome to Thad Komorowski and Bob Jaques' podcast examining the best classic cartoons ever made, and just why they are the best classic cartoons ever made! 

Historical overviews, scene-by-scene analysis and highlights from classic shorts, intricate breakdowns from an animator’s perspective, occasional animator and historian guests… all you could ever want to know about ancient cartoons in this modern age, from two gents who’ve done the research and are just bursting to share that knowledge with our listenership.

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Mar 30, 2020

It's all about Betty Boop this week as we discuss our favorite made-of-pen-and-ink moments from the Fleischer Studio. Red hot jazz, sex, charisma and girl power made her a superstar in the early sound era, and we highlight a prime example of the series: Betty Boop's Penthouse. Bonus: a "cancel"-worthy comment from...

Mar 16, 2020

The King of Cartoons finally gets his due! We examine the stunning new Blu-Ray release from Warner Archive with 19 of his classic MGM cartoons that illustrate just how Tex Avery was a master of his medium right down to the frame. Highlights include: Bob remembers the time he met Tex! The bad camerawork in these films!...

Mar 2, 2020

It's our first installment of Animation ID: an "insider baseball" look at specific classic animators and their scenes! We give an overview of Mike Lah, the funniest animator the MGM cartoon studio ever had. He breathed comic life into Barney Bear, Tom and Jerry, Droopy, and Spike and made Tex Avery even funnier. Bob and...