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Welcome to Thad Komorowski and Bob Jaques' podcast examining the best classic cartoons ever made, and just why they are the best classic cartoons ever made! 

Historical overviews, scene-by-scene analysis and highlights from classic shorts, intricate breakdowns from an animator’s perspective, occasional animator and historian guests… all you could ever want to know about ancient cartoons in this modern age, from two gents who’ve done the research and are just bursting to share that knowledge with our listenership.

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Aug 17, 2020

Because no one asked for it, we're givin' you some CRINGE. We return to the subject of Famous Studios to zero in on what exactly made their cartoons of the 1950s so infamously unfunny. What's your favorite Famous cringe? Herman mutilating Katnip? Popeye trying to seduce Poopdeck Pappy? Just Casper? Or Little Audrey's laugh? Guys like Dave Tendlar, Al Eugster, and Irv Spector weren't untalented, though, and could once-in-a-while turn out a classic despite (or because?) of its cringe. We discuss all this and more...